Do it Yourself Crochet set

Available Sizes: one size
Material: 100% merino wool with EXP equipment
Crochet set for 2 caps (pink + navy blue) + removable Bluetooth® headphones in pink. Enjoy pure sound, best wearing comfort and an incomparable experience with our earebel crochet set. 
Content per package:handmade collection
Pia has ever since had a passion for knitting. Without her and her ideas the-re would not be any earebel! Together with „our "„Mum“ we developed the first designs to integrate the headphones directly into our caps.
The "earebel handmades“ are cuddly-warm, absolute eye-catcher and are knitted with passion and great attention to detail by our „"Mum“ Pia and her diligent knitters in pure handcraft in the Allgäu/Bavaria.
As wool, we mainly use pure new wool of noble quality, which is specially made for earebel. Pure new wool possesses exceptional thermoregulation properties: the caps keep wonderfully warm, are naturally water-repellent thereby moisture from the inside is still optimally absorbed.

crochet set.001.jpeg